Ransomware Protection & Analysis

Ransomware protection is a must for every organization as ransomware infections are on the rise worldwide including the Middle East countries like UAE. Ransomware infections result in business disruptions and have adverse effects on company reputation. Ransomware encrypt your files and demands payment to get your data back.

We help organizations affected by Ransomware in identifying the root cause behind the attack with our Digital Forensics service. We also provide mitigation so that companies can prevent such attacks from happening in the future. The first step with any ransomware infection is to identify the type of ransomware family. Infected users can visit No More Ransom or ID Ransomware site to know about the type of ransomware infection and decrypt the files for which decryption tools are available.

Reasons for Ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks can happen due to many reasons such as :

  • Users opening links or attachments in an email without knowing that it can download malware loaded with Ransomware.
  • Users visiting compromised websites that will download Ranswomare stains to the computer without user knowledge.
  • RDP attacks target open RDP ports to get access to the network. You can read about ways to prevent such attacks here.
  • Brute-force attacks result in attackers gaining admin credentials of network, applications, and software programs. Organizations should have a mechanism to detect such brute-force attacks so that necessary actions can be taken to prevent the same.
  • Stolen credentials result in hackers gaining control of the network.
  • Usage of pirated software that can act as a hassle-free entry point for ransomware.
  • Usage of file-sharing applications or P2P applications that brings in malware.

Ransomware Protection

The most efficient ransomware protection is provided by RansomSafe. It acts as a vital layer in your ransomware defense, combining just-in-time data protection with multiple mechanisms to detect, and shut down attacks before they hold your business hostage.

WALLIX BestSafe is an endpoint privileged management solution providing ransomware protection that detects encryption attempts in real-time to stop ransomware in its tracks with a near-100% success rate, unlike other technologies.

Managed EDR with Ransomware roll-back is a managed service offering that comes with 24X7 real-time security monitoring and incident response that can help you to stay protected proactively. It provides a complete anti-malware solution along with ransomware protection and internet security software that can handle different types of malware.

Having an offline backup & DR solution is a must for any organization so that data can be recovered without paying the ransom in case of a Ransomware infection. Vembu BDR provides offsite and Cloud DR thereby companies can get back their data in case of an attack. BackupAssist & ParaBlu provides cost-effective endpoint and Windows Server backup that is quite effective for Ransomware protection.

Email is the main entry point for Ransomware and Email Security solution Libraesva provides is the first line of defense when it comes to Ransomware protection. NeuShield is an anti-ransomware tool that provides Complete Data Protection against all types of Ransomware threats and it is a proactive way of staying secure against Ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Attack Simulation

The best way to protect against Ransomware attacks is to identify the vulnerable employees within your organization and train them against their weaknesses. ThreatCop, an AI and ML-based simulation product help organizations with employee risk assessment & cyber awareness. It provides organizations with a real-time threat analysis report of the employees along with a platform for deploying simulated Ransomware attacks in an incognito environment to provide ransomware protection. It also does employee awareness against the attack vector.

ThreatCop comes to the rescue as it not only enables the organizations to run attack simulations but also provides the overall vulnerability analysis of all the employees and departments. The Employee Vulnerability Score generated by ThreatCop will be one of its kind to rate people on the basis of their security behavior. With a customized dashboard for CXOs, the Hack Record feature of the product shows the historical hack record of the employees. This significantly helps the organizations to stay updated with a clear matrix regarding the most vulnerable employee, the department as well as the most effective attack vectors.

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