Cybersecurity and Baclup
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Looking for Penetration Testing (VAPT) services from Clouds Dubai?

OT Security

Seamlessly protect critical operations with industry-leading OT Security solutions from WALLIX.

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Application VAPT

Application Penetration Testing to identify security vulnerabilities in the Web & Mobile applications.

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RDP Session Recording

Record and Monitor Windows RDP Sessions in a powerful yet cost-effective way from Clouds Dubai.

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Penetration Testing (VAPT)

A simulated hacker attack is known as Penetration Testing. VAPT mimics the actions of an actual attacker exploiting the security weaknesses of a Network, Web Application, or Mobile Application without the usual dangers of a cyber attack.

Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees to help them overcome their IT security weaknesses while using the internet and social media platforms for personal and official purposes. It can be done as onsite or online training to track each employee’s progress.

SOC as a Service

A Managed Security service offering 24/7 support with integrated SIEM, SOAR, Network Traffic Analysis, and Penetration Testing to monitor, identify, report, and remediate all cybersecurity threats to an organization.