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CloudSEK XVigil – AI-powered Digital Risk Monitoring – Predict Cyber Threats

CloudSEK XVigil is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Digital Risk Protection solution that monitors all your digital footprints to help you predict cyber threats targeting your organization. Monitor risks using a single platform for all your digital assets – websites, mobile apps, social media, external-facing infrastructure & collaboration tools. Know what attackers are doing to increase the attack surface and impersonate your identity by creating fake pages, fake apps, hiring scams, source code leaks, credit/debit card leaks, or phishing employees to damage your reputation. Initiate takedowns from the platform to protect your brand.

Backed by 5 years of extensive research and development, CloudSEK XVigil is a SaaS-based easy-to-use platform. The CloudSEK XVigil dashboard provides specific, actionable, and timely warnings that help you intervene and take swift action, thus preventing costly breaches and losses. The modules of the Digital Risk Monitoring solution are given below.

INTERNET MONITOR:- Digital Risk Monitoring solution provides analytics and actionable intelligence needed to tackle risk protection from digital channels like Surface Web, Dark Web, and Deep Web threats.
INFRASTRUCTURE MONITOR:- Comprehensive security scans and monitors that ensure that your infrastructure, cloud storage, and applications enjoy watertight digital protection.
BRAND MONITOR:- Digital Risk Monitoring solution provides round-the-clock brand protection with fake domain monitoring and rogue app detection.
ATTACK SURFACE MONITOR:- Monitor 8+ attack surfaces and comprehensively fingerprint an organization’s digital assets.
DARK & DEEP WEB MONITOR:- Scan freely available as well as premium (i.e. behind login wall forums /marketplaces /dark sites) sources to provide total deep and dark web coverage.
RISK ASSESSMENT: – Digital Risk Monitoring solution collects both behavioral and technical threats and rates their business impact.

CloudSEK Xvigil Platform

CloudSEK XVigil Secures Your Business Across Threat Types

CYBER THREATS:- X-Vigil digital risk monitoring solution scours the dark web, deep web, surface web, and social media and finds out if a third party is having a conversation about you with malicious intent. CloudSEK’s cutting-edge classifiers help ensure that you get the most relevant and actionable intelligence of the potential threats and proactively deliver alerts.

DATA LEAKS:- X-Vigil digital risk monitoring solution detects and alerts about any leaked sensitive information such as credit card leaks, source code leaks, employee information leaks, etc. from various online services that could affect your business.

IDENTITY THEFTS:- CloudSEK’s intelligent system will detect any attempts to impersonate your website, your brand & trademarks using similar-looking domains. It also alerts you against any attempts to phish your valued customers.

CloudSEK XVigil Monitors your Brand

FAKE APPS:- Identify rogue apps in popular/third-party application stores.
FAKE DOMAINS:- CloudSEK’s intelligent system will detect any attempts to impersonate your website, your brand & trademarks using similar-looking domains.
FAKE PAGES:- CloudSEK’s intelligent system will alert you against any fake pages that are often used for Reverse-vishing.

CloudSEK XVigil reveals your security posture

INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY:- CloudSEK’s automated cloud monitors will scan all your Internet-exposed infrastructures and flag out critical security issues. Any misconfigured subdomains and IP addresses are monitored closely for possible data leakage.
THIRD-PARTY INTERFACES:- X-Vigil monitors the different vendors and integrations used by you and alerts in case of potential threats.
APPLICATION SECURITY:- Static and Dynamic scans are run to detect certain low-hanging security vulnerabilities in Internet-facing assets.

XVigil Use-Cases

Cyber Threat Monitoring

> Source code leaks
> Server credential leaks
> Hiring Scams
> Board member credential leaks
> 3rd Party Data leaks
> Business email compromise attacks
> Dark Web conversations
> Telegram Conversation Monitoring
> YouTube hacking tutorials
> Debit/Credit Card Leaks

Comprehensive Digital Risk Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

> Shadow IT exposure
> Misconfigured Web Applications
> Defacement Monitor
> Asset Inventory
> Regular SSL and Port Scan

Brand Monitoring

> Fake customer service numbers
> Fake social media profiles
> Fake Mobile Applications
> Phishing campaigns
> Fake Domains and Web pages

CloudSEK XVigil Digital Risk Monitoring solution first gathers millions of data units from online sources. This raw data is filtered for noise, false positives, and anomalies, using a powerful AI engine. After which it is indexed, parsed, checked against the historical data lake, and mapped to clients’ assets. Duplicates and familiar threats are discarded, and the remaining relevant threats are rated based on severity, and sent to customers as alerts.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Combat Threats. CloudSEK XVigil’s dark web and infrastructure risk monitoring system defends against malicious threats in the following phases:

> Raw data from open and closed internet sources like underground discussion forums and exfiltrated data is collected. Data from internet-exposed applications are also analyzed by the Digital Risk Monitoring solution.

> This data is then fed to CloudSEK’s proprietary model “ThreatMeter”. By deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence, ThreatMeter detects and rates threats accurately in real-time.

> After a detailed verification of these threats, CloudSEK XVigil’s dashboard provides analytics that aids insightful and actionable information.

CloudSEK XVigil

CloudSEK XVigil

Brand Monitor

A continual brand scan with the Digital Risk Monitoring solution helps you to combat fake pages, impostors, rogue applications, and domains that could harm your brand image.

Brand Threat Intelligence:- Your company’s brand image is a treasured asset that has been built over years of painstaking effort. And yet, it takes only one fraudulent malicious attack to undo the reputation you have established amongst your customers. Any damage to this intangible asset can have very serious and far-reaching consequences.

End to End Brand Intelligence:- A relentless continual brand scan is critical in today’s digital environment. You need to combat the actions of bad actors who use advanced technology to harm your brand image. Brand reputation monitoring for an organization is as much about crisis prevention as it is about controlling the damage.

Fake Domain Monitoring:- Domain names set up fraudulently to mislead customers are very common. These domains are designed to look similar to your website and are used for putting fraudulent content at the cost of your brand image. Phishing scams are the oldest and yet most rampant in today’s world. From distributing malware to luring your customer into disclosing their credentials, there are many treacherous channels in domain phishing. CloudSEK’s vigilant system offers fake domain finder capabilities to monitor the web for any fake or similar-looking domains that might infringe on your brand. It also thwarts any domain phishing attempts.

Rogue Application Detection:- The seemingly harmless apps that appear after a simple search can effectively create havoc within your systems. They gain access to a domain account and trick your customers into parting with their confidential information. Brand abuse is a key target of these rogue apps. Logo use, false affiliation, domain similarity, copyright infringement, credentials theft are some of the serious threats posed by these apps which result in brand reputation damage. XVigil by CloudSEK detects such applications and protects your company from potential scams and imposters.

Cyber Threat Monitor

Map Cyber Threat Intelligence with Digital Risk Monitoring solution including real-time social media, surface web, dark web monitoring, credential disclosure, data leakage identification besides monitoring the web.

Cyber Threat Intelligence:- The primary challenge with the modern organization is the overload of data across platforms. This is accompanied by a substantial increase in information on alerts, cyber-attacks, digital threats, and similar threats. The need of the hour then is a strategy to anticipate and defend against potential threats rather than mid-crisis damage control. Proactive Threat Intelligence helps to achieve this kind of threat monitoring on a war footing.

Future Ready Threat Intelligence:- Simply put, threat intelligence helps an organization process an in-depth analysis of potential cybersecurity threats from internal as well as external sources. It also helps formulate a strategy for swift damage control. CloudSEK XVigil processes threat intelligence feed and applies AI-powered intuitive intelligence to get meaningful information to plan a proactive approach.

Deep and Dark Web Monitoring:- The web contains many secret pockets beyond the reach of search engines or general access. This becomes a safe haven to store stolen credentials of fortune 500 companies. Seeking these out and alerting an organization is not a job for the faint-hearted. CloudSEK XVigil cuts through the dark layers to provide valuable insight into any nefarious exchange that concerns your organization, allowing you to make swift and informed decisions.

Credential Disclosure Detection:- In almost all cyberattacks or ransom-related attacks affecting an organization, credentials are often involved either as a target of theft or as a means to further access to a network. CloudSEK’s threat intelligence detects such credential disclosures in time by addressing the concerns you may have, such as Any employee’s credentials being sold on the dark web, any hardcoded access credentials being leaked by the insiders & ensuring that all the leaked credentials have been blocked successfully.

Data Leakages Identification:- You may have plenty of sensitive, proprietary, and confidential data which despite strict security measures in place, still end up on the dark web or forums like Github. CloudSEK XVigil can help you identify the data leakage hacks in time and give quick recommendations to minimize the damage.

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