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Ignore The Ransom Note, Recover Your Encrypted Files 

Veriato RansomSafe acts as a vital layer in your ransomware defense, combining just-in-time data protection with multiple mechanisms to detect, and shut down attacks before they hold your business hostage.

Protection: Should ransomware reach your file server, Veriato RansomSafe detects the attack and shuts it down before your data is encrypted.

Fail-safe Backups: RansomSafe backs up your files before they are changed, making a pristine copy of the latest version of your files.

Rapid Recovery: Once the attack is disrupted, recover in minutes with just a few clicks. No extensive, and expensive, downtime.

RansomSafe Features

File Screening: Veriato RansomSafe is continuously updated, maintaining a robust database of known ransomware signatures. The software detects the presence of known variants by matching them against this database.

Honeypots: By helping you place honeypot files on your file that, if modified, alert Veriato RansomSafe to a ransomware attack, the software is able to reliably detect attacks from previously unknown variants.

Fail-Safe: The best protection against the disruption and expense of a ransomware attack is current backups. It intercepts the command to encrypt (or delete) your files, making a copy and storing it safely away from the reach of the attack.

Lockdown: It blocks the user account attempting to encrypt your files from making changes to the file system, shutting down the attack to prevent further encryption attempts and to minimize the restoration effort required. It can send you an email notification immediately if and when this happens, allowing you to respond quickly.

Veriato RansomSafe saves your company time and money and saves you from having to deal with a painful recovery process.


Recover in minutes vs hours with no loss of activity from other endpoints

Light Weight: Installs in minutes. Updates automatically. Server-side protection compliments your endpoint-based malware defenses without adding administrative overhead.

Affordable: Priced well below the cost of a single ransom payment, the solution provides peace of mind without taking a big piece of your budget.


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