ThreatCop – Social Engineering Simulation

ThreatCop – Comprehensive Social Engineering & Cyber Security Awareness Tool

ThreatCop is an AI/ML-based social engineering simulation and awareness tool that assesses the real-time threat posture of an organization from the people’s point of view.  It is a SaaS/On-premise (in-house) security attack simulator. It can access the real-time threat posture of an organization from the people’s point of view and reduce the cyber risk up to 90% in 30 Days. It simulates the 6 biggest social engineering threats – Phishing, Ransomware, Cyber scams, USB, Vishing & Smishing.

ThreatCop follows a 4 step process. In the first step, these attack vectors are simulated in real-time to examine the employee vulnerability score. Based on the employee vulnerability score, the platforms help with imparting knowledge with security awareness training. The third step assesses the cybersecurity knowledge of each employee. It again simulates the attack vectors but in a totally different approach from the first simulation. This 4-step cycle goes on for each attack vector. ThreatCop presents an accurate real-time threat posture of the organization to the CXOs and helps reduce cyber risk.

Cyber Attack Simulation:- Top 6 dummy cyber-attacks including phishing, smishing, vishing, cyber scam, risk of removable media, and ransomware.

Security Awareness Training:- Educate and train employees with awareness videos, gamified quizzes, posters, newsletters, and much more.

Risk Assessment:- Analyze employees’ level of awareness post knowledge imparting with interactive assessment sessions.

ThreatCop – Social Engineering Awareness & Cyber Security Awareness simplified

Create Attack Templates:- Customized cyber-attack templates based on your choice of attack vector to launch a simulated cyber attack campaign on the selected group of employees and departments in the organization.

Simulate an Attack:- Launch a dummy cyber attack campaign on the selected group of employees in the organization for real-time experience and check how they would respond to a cyber attack.

Aware Employees with LMS:- Get an integrated Learning Management System that includes a wide range of cybersecurity awareness content to train and help employees in improving their cyber defense capabilities.

Assess employees on security:- Test your employees with engaging assessment modules to check their level of cybersecurity awareness understanding once they have passed the training session based on their vulnerability score.

Track Performance and Analyze Results:- Receive full insight into every individual’s performance during attack simulation, knowledge imparting, and assessment to analyze the result of the progress made throughout the process.

Attack Vectors – Simulates 6 biggest cybersecurity threats

Phishing:- The fraudulent practice of sending emails as a trusted entity

Ransomware:- Malicious software that blocks access to a system until a ransom is paid

Cyber Scam:- Type of fraud scheme using cyberspace to present fraud solicitations

USB:- Malware hidden inside USBs will be dropped at client premises to find out who is plugging the same into their computers.

Vishing:- Fraud phone calls to dupe individuals to reveal their personal information

Smishing:- Sending fraud SMS to acquire sensitive information via social engineering

ThreatCop Social Engineering

With this social engineering simulation tool, you can assess an organization’s security posture, simulate the top 6 cyberattacks, train employees with 2,000+ cybersecurity awareness content libraries, assess employees’ vulnerability level with interactive assessment, and monitor and analyze results.

ThreatCop Advantages

Educate employees about cyber-security: – Knowledge imparting is a very essential aspect of the tool. Informative material including intuitive videos, Newsletters, Advisories, Case studies is provided to employees. These modules are customized according to the simulated attack in a campaign.

Real-time assessment of employees:- Employees are not only provided with informative content but also, their acquired knowledge is tested with regular assessments. This includes assessment modules for each employee with a different version of a questionnaire related to the deployed simulated attack during the campaign. Periodic reminders are sent to those employees who do not complete these assessments. Employees who are unsuccessful in performing well during the assessment must go through the retest. A certificate is provided to those employees who pass the assessment.

Can be used as SaaS, In-house, or managed services:- It is deployed as per the convenience of the client. It can be provided as Software as a Service solution, as an in-house solution, or as managed service. It allows the data to remain within the organization.

Keeps track of employees’ progress:- It has a real-time dashboard that provides detailed analytics on the progress of employees. Administrators can keep a track of employees’ vulnerability measures. This will allow administrators to employ measures that can help in improving employees’ responses to cyber-attacks.

Capable of reducing cyber-attacks by up to 90%:- The continuous process of cyber-attack simulation and creating awareness with knowledge imparting on a regular basis enables employees in identifying different tactics that are used by cyber-criminals.

Strengthens the weakest link in information security:- This is extremely crucial since 90% of all cyber-attacks occur due to the negligence of employees. With its four-step cycle, the product ensures that the weakest link of the information security becomes a shield against cyber-attacks in an organization.

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