usecure appoints Clouds Dubai as usecure distributor in Middle East

usecure Distributor partnership sees security awareness training specialist expanding to the Middle East

usecure Ltd, a leading provider of cybersecurity awareness training, has launched its channel partners in the Middle East by appointing Clouds Dubai as usecure distributor. The usecure distributor partnership with Clouds Dubai offers local support for both local partners and customers in a rapidly growing market for the vendor.

Charles Preston, Director at usecure, comments: ‘We have seen a jump in sales and enquiries from all over the Middle East and with the appointment of Cloud Dubai we can now fully support our customers and partners in this region. It is key for us to ensure our regional resellers are supported by a local distributor who can offer not only our product but training and services.’

‘Local educated partners have been to our success across all markets, and finding a distributor to support this outreach has been critical. We are delighted with the knowledge and outreach of the market that Clouds Dubai can add to our channel community.’

Aji Joseph at Clouds Dubai, comments: ‘We have seen a huge increase in demand for solutions like cybersecurity awareness training and phishing, after evaluating the available technologies in this space we found usecure to be an ideal new addition to our product portfolio. Not only did we find they had market-leading technology but they also have a clean channel model and invest in their partners to enable joint success as usecure distributor.’

About usecure Ltd

usecure is a global provider of information security awareness training, offering a unique approach to user-focused cybersecurity education. usecure’s cloud-based training platform offers an unparalleled solution to the ever-increasing number and sophistication of employee-focused cyber attacks, all with an evaluate, educate, simulate, and report methodology. This four-step approach enables both a sequential and automated process that includes an employee gap analysis, security awareness e-learning modules, and simulated phishing tests. Our comprehensive library of training materials ensures that our client’s programmes are kept well up to date with the latest threat landscape, with modules ranging from data protection and compliance to password security and social engineering scams. usecure also offers additional services, including a managed phishing service and an email breach detection report that lists the currently exposed corporate emails and credentials of our clients.

About Clouds Dubai (usecure distributor)

Clouds Dubai is a leading IT Security distributor in the Middle East taking care of Cybersecurity & Backup requirements for our channel partners and their clients.  Clouds Dubai also provides IT Security services like Managed Security Services, SOC Consulting, Digital Forensics, VAPT, Compromise Assessment, Penetration Testing, Security Awareness Training; Threat Hunting & Incident Response.