Access Manager : Granting remote access without compromising security

The WALLIX Access Manager enhances administrators’ ability to securely open the infrastructure to remote access.

External and Remote Access is Critical to Your Business

More than ever, WALLIX’s focus is on protecting privileged access to critical business assets. It’s clear that the most important assets can’t be siloed by region anymore, nor isolated from the external world. Your systems might require maintenance or management by external providers, administrators might need external access for off-hours response, or an employee may simply need to work remotely. And recent trends such as cloud hosting and DevOps make it all the more necessary to be able to secure external connections.

The WALLIX Access Manager enhances administrators’ flexibility and ability to open their infrastructure to external connections to critical assets, with complete security.

As many organizations may need to deploy multiple Bastions to respond to their complex security needs, WALLIX aimed to provide a unique, multi-tenant centralized auditing console so administrators are no longer forced to divide their attention across different systems.

WALLIX Access Manager: more features for more security

The WALLIX Access Manager now features a Global Search capability. Thanks to the Auditor Profile, it is now possible to search for keywords or for session metadata across all sessions in any of your organization’s Bastions. Accordingly, it is now possible to efficiently track suspicious activities across your entire organization from a single console.

Access Manager

Access Manager: Key Focal points

Security: The WALLIX Access Manager supports SAML for authentication and integration with Identity Management solutions. System protection is reinforced with protection against Slow Post attack, and CA can be associated with the organization.

Usability: The center of WALLIX’s concerns. Our goal is to provide Administrators with a seamless experience. We provide basic RDP and SSH sessions through web portals so admins can focus on the tasks at hand instead of learning how to use new tools.

Efficiency: Being able to identify sessions containing a specific keyword or metadata is one thing. Being able to easily access the relevant part of the recording is another. With a full HTML 5 interface, this new version of the WALLIX Access Manager allows you to directly access the recording sequence containing your Global Search result. Simply clicking on the search result takes you straight to the appropriate sequence. What’s more, you now have the ability to transfer files by Drag and Drop in RDP sessions.

Flexibility: Last but not least, back-up and restore capabilities have been enhanced with the ability to back up and restore a full database or just an organization in the Access Manager.

The WALLIX Access Manager is the gatekeeper to your IT infrastructure, filtering external access to your critical resources from remote employees or third-party providers alike, on top of being the ideal command center to centralize session auditing from all your Bastions.