Stop malware at the entry point

Email is the main source of malware entry for any organization as more than 85% of the malware comes through email. Having a solution that prevents emails with malicious link or attachment before it enters your network can help organizations stop malware to stay secure.

Cloud Email Firewall will analyze emails to identify spam patterns in real-time and block their entry. Suspicious emails can be quarantined for up to 28 days. Malware is withheld at the cloud, consequently ensuring that the client receives only the clean email. Email filtering is designed to detect spam, phishing, malware, and viruses in real-time using advanced patterns and classification techniques. The APT module provides Advanced Persistent Threat detection against advanced malware including Ransomware. It has sandboxing 2.0 techniques for both URL and attachments where every link and attachment is executed for possible malware to make sure that only genuine ones are allowed to come in.

Spamina is a Gartner-rated vendor that provides Cloud Email Firewall with APT and the solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes to stop malware as it is very user-friendly to implement and manage. It also comes at a reasonable price.

Stop Malware & Email threat and spam-free

  •  360º full perimeter email filtering security solution

APT Module

  • Deep content inspection (DCI)
  • Full System Emulation (FUSE)

Email service availability

  • Guaranteed mail delivery even when the mail service is unavailable
  • Mail backup

Ease of management

  • Secure access to email from anywhere and any device (laptops, tablets, or smartphones)
  • Different management access profiles
  • Easy management of both inbound and outbound email flow, ensuring company compliance

Strict validation of mail senders to prevent impersonation

  • Administrators have more control over who can send emails on behalf of any company address, thanks to a validation sender form.
  • Email address of the user who is authenticated with the service.
  • An electronic address is given as part of the MAIL FROM command SMTP protocol.
  • The sender indicated in the mail header, also known as “Data from”


  • Multi-layered filtering solution (connection, antivirus and content filters) both for inbound and outbound email traffic
  • Proprietary SFFv2 fingerprint based email filter
  • Antivirus / antimalware and content analysis engines
  • Up to 28 days’ spam quarantine service

High Availability

  • Carrier-class service offered from nodes located in data centers in the European Union, without single points of failure and with an always-on architecture
  • Multi-layer, scalable, and fault-tolerant cloud solution

Business continuity

  • Email always accessible via the emergency webmail interface
  • Inbound mail queuing for 4 days in case the mail server is unavailable
  • Automatic inbound mail backup for up to 5 days


  • Centralized (administrator) or end user quarantine management
  • End user personal whitelists / blacklists
  • Personalized reporting