LogSign Webinar

Automate your SIEM with Powerful & Cost-effective LogSign SOAR

LogSign webinar (19th April 2022 – 11 AM to 12 PM for 1 hour)

Bring efficiency to your security operations with automated workflows and faster, better investigation and response to prevent, detect, investigate, triage, and respond with minimal human intervention. Drag-and-drop, repeatable bots and playbooks, and out-of-the-box integrations enable automation of security and non-security devices in the network and the automated workflows. Logsign provides 400+ built-in integrations and vendor-free integration capabilities and comes with 200+ built-in alerts, dashboards, and reports to customize easily and increase visibility.

  • Automated Threat Detection: Logsign SOAR analyzes and investigates all data to identify true positive threats and reduce MTTD. Automating manual threat detection activities and eliminating the delay between threat detection and response keep your security analysts focused on confirmed threats. Lowers mean time to detect.
  • Automated Incident Triage: Assigns risk scores and prioritizes threats automatically to address which one to respond to first. Automated alert triage shortens response times, improves your security analysts’ efficiency, and reduces false positives, which is one of the most time-consuming, manual tasks for analysts.
  • Automated Threat Hunting: Automated threat hunting processes provide security analysts more visibility by allowing them to make smart decisions. Customizable, interactive bots and playbooks enable continuous, automated threat hunting. This also helps organizations build an effective threat hunting program that eliminates the problems of finding necessary expertise or overwhelming analysts.
  • Automated Incident Response: Automating manual response actions frees analysts to concentrate on advanced, decision-needed response activities. Either responding to threats immediately with one-click or fully automated response actions, the automated incident response provides reduced MTTR.

Logsign SOAR enables analysts to investigate and analyze incidents and respond to them more rapidly. Tasks are automized, processes are standardized, and teams easily coordinate. Harmonious management of complicated security systems allows for timesaving and a decrease in first investment costs.

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