Empower your Organization with Mobile workforce Management

Mobile workforce management is important as companies worldwide deal with huge volumes of information including customer data, customer billing information, and information related to the business of the company itself. Business-critical data is generated at almost every organizational endpoint lies with the mobile workforce which continues to stay unprotected against malicious activities such as theft, unauthorized share, copy and transfer to a different location, etc.

With the continuously increasing use of smartphones and tablets to access corporate data, it becomes very important to prevent data leaks through any possible channel or medium. Organizations need an effective solution addressing the challenges of data loss prevention, device management, and employee productivity monitoring.

Why Mobile Workforce Management?

  • To make Enterprise mobility work and to turn business opportunities, mobile access to vital resources is required. Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) is required to protect the corporate assets used on mobile devices
  • The devices required to manage may be out of physical reach, but they don’t have to be out of touch. With Mobile Workforce Management, it is possible to manage everything users need to be productive and gain secure access through mobile devices
  • Mobile Workforce Management can control the insider data leakage scenarios and log such events on the basis of company-specific policies
  • For proactively tackling insider threats, monitoring employees digital activities like browsing (search engine, application usage, email activities) and device activities can provide insights about intention

How MobSec can help with Mobile Workforce Management?

MobSec uses the concept of Cyber Intelligence extended to the mobile device paradigm as a unique approach towards reducing the business risks of a company through intelligent analysis of the information flowing within and outside the company and providing the following capabilities:-

  • Monitor and control device settings and features, including but not limited to:
    • Device rooting detection
    • Enforce device-level encryption
    • Device online/offline
    • Location tracking
    • Last connected time
  • Device configuration and applications monitoring
  • Application Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Wi-Fi profile management
  • VPN profile management
  • Support for offline policies and offline monitoring
  • Remote wipe
  • Password reset
  • Enabled storage encryption
  • Disable wifi
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Lock device
  • Disable camera
  • Disable USB
  • Disable GPS
  • Password protection enforcement
  • Device Enrollment
  • Geo-Fence Policy
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Device Monitoring Policy (Call, SMS, Web browser, Location tracking, Environment monitoring)

Mobile Application Management

  • Application inventory tracking
  • App whitelisting/blacklisting

Data Security

  • All encompassed applications (MobSec VPN, MobSec Sheet, MobSec Browser, MobSec Vault)
  • Secure business apps ( MobSec Editor, MobSec Gallery, MobSec Docs, and MobSec Mail)
  • Email Activity monitoring
  • Geo-fencing and Time fencing
  • Connected peripherals monitoring
  • Extended Android APIs support
  • Profile-based monitoring

Employee Productivity Monitoring

  • Call Activity Monitoring (inbound and outbound)
  • SMS Activity Monitoring (inbound excluded)
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Environment Monitoring (Wi-fi, Flight Mode, Bluetooth, GPS Monitoring)

Cyber Intelligence

  • Comprehensive incident reporting and analytics sections to provide the customer an overview of various activities occurring on the covered mobile endpoints
  • Easy export of reports for offline viewing in PDF format

Key Benefits

  • Overall addition of protective layer to your organization’s critical mobile devices
  • Employee Productivity and Behaviour Analysis
  • MobSec generates relevant audit logs which you can use to ensure security compliance in your IT security practices
  • When outside network offline monitoring protection of MobSec is activated. Upon mobile device connecting back, the logs are visible and MobSec agent communicates with the MobSec Server and enforce already set policies
  • Implementation of various security controls on such mobile devices even when they are in offline mode
  • Daily email summary report about sensitive mobile security events (incidents) occurring across the covered mobile endpoints