Access security and concurrent login control for networks

Powerful access security protection for all Windows Active Directory domain logins, even when credentials are compromised. UserLock helps administrators to manage and secure login control for every user, without obstructing employees or frustrating IT. UserLock limits concurrent logins to restrict access, monitors, alerts, and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network.

UserLock centralizes & audits all logon events across the whole Windows Active Directory Network. With UserLock access security, you can control, restrict, monitor, and alert on all user logins to protect your Network & the data within.

UserLock enables IT to:

  • Efficiently mitigate insider threat and respond to suspicious or disruptive behavior
  • Alleviate the threat of shared passwords within an organization
  • Perform accurate IT forensics in the event of an IT security breach
  • Enforce compliance with major regulations such as SOX, FISMA, HIPAA…
  • Control Wi-Fi sessions for secure BYOD environments
  • Reduce the attack surface of a Windows network infrastructure
  • Raise User Security Awareness

Access Security Management and Login Control

Allow restrictions to be set according to the user, user group, or organizational unit and according to session type (workstation, terminal, interactive, Internet Information Services, Wi-Fi, and VPN).

Restrict and Control User Access

Restrict users to their own workstation or device (including personal devices), IP range, department, floor or building, time + business hours, etc.

Login control to Limit or Prevent Concurrent Logins

This makes it impossible for a rogue user to use valid credentials at the same time as their legitimate owner, decreases the likelihood of users sharing passwords as it impacts their own ability to access the network, and prevents serious accountability and non-repudiation issues.

Access Monitoring

With restrictions set, UserLock empowers IT to track, record, and automatically block all inappropriate or suspicious sessions.

Real-time Monitoring, Alerts & Responses

UserLock continuously monitors all login and session events, alerting IT of any suspicious or disruptive behavior so they can instantly react with appropriate measures.

Tracking & Reporting

By recording all access events, UserLock offers comprehensive reports and detailed insights to support IT Forensics and legal investigations.


  • EASY SETUP:- Fast to deploy, UserLock is installed in minutes on a standard Windows Server.
  • LAUNCH COMMANDS DIRECT FROM THE CONSOLE:- No need to navigate out of the console. Saves time when managing and responding to events.
  • POWERSHELL INTEGRATION:- Helps expedite certain tasks and execute personalized requests on the information within UserLock.
  • BACKUP:- A UserLock backup server can be installed to guarantee failover.
  • AFFORDABLE SOLUTION:- UserLock comes with a perpetual license and competitive pricing.
  • REMOTE SESSION ADMINISTRATION:- Respond quickly to emergencies no matter where you are.
  • INTUITIVE & EASY TO USE:- The GUI features intuitive tabbed navigation, at-a-glance analytics, and several personalization options.
  • DELEGATE ADMINISTRATION:- Specified users can view and manage sessions without access to more critical settings.
  • CERTIFICATION & COMPLIANCE:- Microsoft-certified for compliance & support with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. Support for all browsers
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