Why continuous Pen Testing is a must for Web & Mobile Applications ?

Continuous Pen Testing

Pene testing refers to a simulated hacking activity. The aim of penetration testing is to identify vulnerabilities that malicious actors could potentially exploit.  This activity finds any weaknesses or potential gaps which could be bypassed or compromised by a possible attacker. Pen testing, therefore, helps to boost the security of the application.

Web and Mobile applications are exposed to all kinds of users on the internet and any vulnerability or misconfiguration can be easily exploited by a hacker before the application owner comes to know about the same. Pen testing mimics the actions of an actual attacker and most organizations end up doing one-time pen testing before launching the application.

One-time pen testing is not sufficient to defend against evolving cyber threats. The platform on which applications are running keeps coming up with new patches, some of which are critical, that can be exploited by hackers. Continuous pen testing will make sure that application owners get time to test the platform regularly before it’s too late.

Why continuous Pen Testing?

Continuous Pen Testing seeks to provide an answer to areas where standard penetration testing might not be sufficient. A standard penetration test is barely a snapshot of the protection posture your application had at the time of testing. It doesn’t tell you what happens a month later if you connect a new API. An internet application that was stable yesterday could change with the next update. If it undergoes an annual or bi-annual penetration test, the likelihood is, this issue won’t be discovered until the following round of testing. This might leave a vulnerability exploitable by a hacker until the subsequent test.

Penetration Testing services at regular intervals help you to maintain and improve your application’s security posture. Continuous pen testing generally includes regular penetration tests, vulnerability scans, phishing assessments, and red team assessments. This results in pen testers working closely with the client’s application team to identify and mitigate any new vulnerability that might be exploited by hackers.

Benefits of continuous penetration testing

  • Identify gaps in security before a hacker does and provides steps for remediation.
  • Bolster your security strategy to ensure year-round protection with continuous security testing.
  • Avoid costly data breaches and their impacts on business operations.
  • Year-round protection: plenty can happen between annual penetration tests. Continuous pen testing will ensure your security posture is maintained and improved on an ongoing basis.
  • Prepare for a real-world attack: Penetration tests are one of the most effective ways to judge your security posture. By emulating the tactics, techniques, procedures employed by hackers, it puts the application’s defenses to the test.
  • Uncover critical vulnerabilities: because the risk of cyber attacks continues to extend, it’s crucial you’ve got complete visibility of your application’s vulnerabilities. Continuous pen testing service identifies any vulnerabilities, from low to high risk, so application owners take action.
  • Effectively remediate risk: Continuous penetration testing provides the information you would like to have to fix identified vulnerabilities. Penetration testers also offer expert support to remediate the same as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Comply with security standards: Doing penetration testing is crucial for meeting a variety of regulatory standards. Continuous pen testing will ensure that you are compliant.