Affordable Privileged User Monitoring

Privileged User Monitoring becomes important with privileged users being an essential part of any IT and business system. Accounts with escalated privileges have access to system configuration, user management, and permission management. Typically they have extended access to critical applications, sensitive systems, and data. This makes privileged user monitoring very important.

Comprehensive privileged user monitoring and audit are critical components of any corporate security best practice and overall privileged user management systems. Monitoring and controlling privileged user access/activity are required by various industry regulations.

Privileged User Monitoring with Ekran System

Ekran System is a universal solution to cover your privileged activity monitoring needs.

This tool performs privileged session recording, monitoring, and audit on your Windows, Citrix, and Linux servers, and provides you DVR-like playback of all user actions within an intuitive web-based interface featuring multiple search tools.


  • Detailed audit trail for the privileged user activity
  • Easy to understand and analyze indexed video format
  • Comprehensive monitoring of Linux-based servers, incl. commands, parameters, and scripts
  • Advanced authentication options
  • Affordable and flexible licensing scheme

Real-time alerts of suspicious activity and various easy-to-use reports make your privileged account management and control efficient and simple. Another powerful Ekran System tool is tracking and blocking of connected USB devices.

Who can use Ekran System

Being able to record user sessions and provide useful analysis and response toolsets, Ekran System can monitor and audit privileged activity in various corporate models:

  • Privileged user activity monitoring for SMB and big enterprises
  • Third-party administrators and insider recording
  • On-site and remote administrators audit
  • Identifiable recording of sessions under both individual and shared privileged credentials
  • Equally cost-efficient corporate computer monitoring for a couple to thousands of end-points.

Privileged User Access Management

Ekran System helps you not only monitor and record privileged account activity but also manage access to your critical end-points ensuring proper privileged identity confirmation before the session starts.

Several in-built access management tools are available in Ekran System Privileged User Monitoring:

Two-factor authentication. This strong authentication approach is actively adopted by modern enterprises and became de-facto a standard for any administrative accounts compliance regulation. It allows confirming privileged user identity before he or she gets access to the critical end-points and configurations. Learn more details about the 2FA solution delivered with Ekran System.

One-time passwords. This tool is available in the Ekran System Enterprise Edition and proves to be especially efficient when organizing third-party contractors’ specialists’ access to the critical assets. The one-time password is to be manually requested by a user, who provides the corresponding reasoning. After that, the security administrator reviews the request and decides whether to provide a one-time password for this very session or not.

Shared accounts personalization. The typical problem of privileged user access management is shared “de-personalized” administrator accounts like “admin” or “root”. To make such administrative account monitoring more transparent, Ekran System provides a second layer of authorization for shared privileged logins. After you enable this option, users logging in with a generic privileged login will have to provide their personal account credentials. Thus, any privileged user activity recording is unambiguously assigned to a specific person and privileged account monitoring is more precise.

Monitoring Only Privileged Account or Session

While Ekran System helps you with privileged user monitoring by providing any level of privileges, monitoring regular users may be unnecessary for your security tasks.

Using advanced monitoring policy rules, you can configure Ekran System Clients so that they monitor only users logging in underprivileged administrative accounts.