2nd generation threat tool

Heimdal CORP is a 2nd generation threat tool with it’s engine acting like a funnel to proactively reduce the number of cyber threats that target the endpoints until their impact is negligible. Heimdal CORP was built as a lightweight client that packs the power of 3 key engines (DARKLayer-Guard, VectorN Detection & Software Management) with the goal of  protecting users and organizations around the world against cyber attacks that antivirus can’t block. As a 2nd generation threat tool, Heimdal is engineered to ensure proactive security. It is a solution that eliminates vulnerabilities and block threats before they turn into breaches and infections.

Threat tool with DARKLayer-Guard

The fact that the Internet is the main malware delivery method today makes scanning for and blocking malicious web traffic a core security component.

Heimdal CORP detects and stops cyber attacks based on their communication with cyber criminal infrastructure. This is what its unique, endpoint-based, DARKLayer-Guard engine specializes in.

Ensure your workstations are safe against:

  • Zero-Day exploits
  • dangerous web locations
  • malicious content injected in legitimate websites
  • data leakage
  • traffic redirects and more.

Heimdal stops malicious data transfers coming from infected servers, domains and websites. All incoming and outgoing traffic is sanitized against malware infections and their data exfiltration capabilities.

VectorN Detection 

The one of a kind VectorN Detection engine embedded into Heimdal CORP is a perfect layer of extra protection for any antivirus product.

Heimdal CORP’s VectorN Detection integrates deep knowledge about cyber criminal infrastructure. It correlates known data and Internet traffic analysis and learns how different types of malware try to infect endpoints and exfiltrate data.

As a result, Heimdal can identify and block even new and previously undetected malware strains. Proactive protection is what makes our technology effective against advanced, 2nd generation malware software and its distribution tactics.

When reactive antivirus response is no longer enough, Heimdal CORP kicks in to cover the gap in your security strategy.

Software Management

Closing vulnerabilities is a key component in any IT security environment. Especially since vulnerable software is one of the main pathways for infection nowadays.

Heimdal CORP includes a strong Software Management engine which automates software updates. What’s more, you can also install and manage 3rd party software automatically, silently and with zero setup. Your endpoint users are never interrupted and their security is ensured anywhere in the world.

According to US CERT data, keeping software patched blocks as many as 85% of all web attacks. Heimdal CORP enables you to patch security-critical software fast, according to your needs. In depth reporting on vulnerabilities and updates are also included in the dashboard.


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