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Website Security: Secure your website from hackers & denial of service attacks thereby protecting your brand against online breaches.

Websites act as the primary source of information to clients and potential customers for any organization. Websites also play a major role in communicating brand values to customers and vendors. But websites can also be accessed by potential hackers and it is mandatory to have proper website security in place so that your websites are not compromised or hacked to cause potential damage to your brand reputation.

Prophaze Website security protects your website from all cyber threats related to websites such as bots, attacks, misconfiguration, and DDoS attacks. It also provides virtual patching of vulnerabilities in your hosting infrastructure, internal or 3rd party apps, and APIs thereby making sure that hackers are not able to exploit the vulnerabilities present. Threat updates from thousands of threat intelligence feeds are included as part of the website security offering. It can also send alerts to your SIEM with identified and blocked threats to improve your total security efficacy.

Website Security from Prophaze provides you with CDN that protects your website against DDoS attacks that overload your hosting server with fake traffic to slow down or crash your website. Phophaze CDN makes sure that your site content is spread out globally rather than relying on a single hosting server. CDN ensures that your website is delivered with optimized speed thereby improving the search rankings.

Prophaze website security adds secure connectivity to users thereby providing HTTPS connectivity to protect websites and applications by filtering and monitoring traffic and requests coming into the website. It protects websites from attacks such as cross-site forgery, cross-site-scripting (XSS), file inclusion, and SQL injection, among others. By deploying Prophaze Website Security in front of a website or web application, a shield is placed between the website and the users. It acts as a reverse-proxy protecting the server from exposure to users passing through Prophaze before reaching the server.

It provides a set of rules to protect against vulnerabilities in the application by filtering out malicious traffic. These rules can be modified or new rules can be added as per the requirement of each website. The value of website security comes from the speed and ease with which policy modification can be implemented, allowing for faster response to varying attack vectors.

Zero Configuration:- Configuring security controls for servers often takes months, requires significant efforts to maintain, and is prone to human errors. Misconfigured settings are the most common problem in exposing businesses to severe security risks. Prophaze Security automation eliminates these vulnerabilities with automated security policy and zero-configuration, saving months, and achieving a higher level of security without compromising your cloud assets, breaking traffic, or your budget.

Complete Security:- Prophaze WAF solution protects your web assets from all cyber threats, bots, attacks, misconfiguration, and patch vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, internal or 3rd party apps, and APIs. Threat updates from thousands of international security researchers are included.

Virtual Patching:- Prophaze automatically deploys virtual patching to websites, web applications, APIs, and microservices to block malicious traffic from exploiting vulnerabilities, before the application source code can be modified. The virtual patch works once the security enforcement layer analyses transactions and intercepts attacks in transit, therefore the malicious traffic never gets to the website or web application. The impact of virtual patching is that without updating the source code, it prevents an exploit from occurring.

Web Application Firewall

AI Automation:- Prophaze AI profiles application logic and behavior, payload contents, static attributes of processes, files, and previous threats and automatically generates application-specific security policy: blacklisting, whitelisting, virtual patching, response filtering, and blocking.

DevOps are free from the configuration, maintenance, and daily security workloads, and need to only fine-tune the automated security policy for specific user activities with custom rules, updating access control lists, and limiting selected IPs.

Protection From All Threats:- Cybercriminals are raising the ante with AI tools, creating an onslaught of unexpected AI-based attacks and malicious payloads that defeat defenses and are stealthy. Prophaze AI firewall blocks malicious requests, execution of fileless attacks, SQL injections, new malware variants, and zero-day attacks targeting your web APIs undetected by conventional enterprise security technology stack and passes only legitimate requests to the host server. The result is holistic protection from both known and unknown threats, attack vectors, and application vulnerabilities – all in an easy to deploy low-cost web application firewall solution.

* OWASP Top 10 Threats
* Misconfigured servers
* Zero-day attacks
* DOS bots
* Exploit bots
* Scraping bots

* Brute force bots
* Fileless attacks
* Denial of service bots
* API abuse bots
* MITM attacks
* Malware attacks

* Data leaks
* Response code anomaly
* Bandwidth anomaly
* IP Geo anomaly
* Rate anomaly
* DDoS Attacks

Website Security Packages 

Prophaze website security comes with 3 options – Explorer, Business & Enterprise. Details of the same are given below.

Features  Explorer Business  Enterprise
1 ML Based Protection Yes Yes Yes
2 Zero-day attack protection Yes Yes Yes
3 Deep Attack Analytics Yes Yes Yes
4 Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
5 OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes Yes
6 Advanced Bot Management No Yes Yes
7 API Security No Yes Yes
8 IP Reputation No Yes Yes
9 Compliance Reporting No Yes Yes
10 Advanced Rate Limiting No Yes Yes
11 Unlimited Custom WAF Rules No Yes Yes
12 Secure CDN No Yes Yes
13 Alerts No Yes Yes
14 Zone-based WAF No No Yes
15 SIEM Integration No No Yes
16 Virtual Patching No No Yes
17 Data Disclosure Protection No No Yes
18 Multi-Cloud No No Yes
19 Managed Threat Intelligence No No Yes
20 Hybrid Cloud No No Yes
21 Multitenant No No Yes
22 Technical Account Manager No No Yes
23 Uptime Service Credits Uptime SLA No No Yes
24 Firewall Data Retention 7 days 15 days 30 days

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