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Meet Security and Compliance requirements with most affordable SIEM  

SureLog is a next-generation SIEM tool (Security Information and Event Management) that monitors logs from network hardware and software to spot security threats, detect and prevent breaches, and provide forensic analysis. SureLog SIEM solution analyzes log event data in real-time to detect and prevent security attacks. By consolidating events from all log sources, SureLog correlates and aggregates events into normalized alerts to spot cybersecurity threats and instantly notifies your IT & security teams. SIEM solution is available as on-premises and in cloud environments.

SureLog’s out-of-the-box advanced correlation rules can automate these workflows for achieving and maintaining compliance. The ultimate goal of compliance (PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, ADSIC, NESA, ISO 270001, etc.) is to ensure data security in all possible ways. This means you should instantly detect suspicious activity occurring in your network, analyze it quickly to validate whether it’s a potential threat and if so, take remedial measures immediately to stop future breaches. It enables a collect once, comply with many regulations” methodology for meeting compliance requirements and keeping cost to a minimum.

Under the GDPR mandate, an organization has 72 hours to alert all affected parties and appropriate regulatory bodies. Collecting massive security event data from everywhere in your IT ecosystem is a challenging task. This is where SureLog steps in. It is capable of collecting and aggregating security events from all endpoints, servers, and security tool tack. Thanks to pre-build GDPR mappings and GDPR compliance reporting, SureLog helps your organization to comply with the GDPR mandate.

SureLog SIEM Advantages

Advanced Correlation:- The correlation engine identifies and responds to complex and oftentimes undetectable operations events in real-time.

UEBA and Profiler :- SIEM solution will track logins from countries on a per-user basis, baselining log in countries for the past 30 days. Once a user authenticates from a location not seen in that period, the rule will trigger.

Expect More Pay Less:- SIEM products are differentiated by cost, features, and ease of use. It is known that the more you pay, the greater the sophistication SIEM tool you have. But with SureLog, you do not pay more.

SureLog SIEM

Surelog SIEM will help your organization to:

Monitor anomalous access – Instantly identify potential unauthorized access to your critical assets from suspicious locations
Identify compromised credentials – Seamlessly spot user impersonation and compromised user or system accounts
Track user account creation – Report suspicious account creation and account management activities to security and HR teams
Monitor crown jewel assets – Identify all monitoring and traffic to your most critical assets in real-time
Monitor privileged users – Track all privileged user connections to crown jewel or executive assets by non-privileged or non-executive users
Monitor failed login and locked accounts – Get instant notification on suspicious login attempts and locked accounts due to high number of logon failures
Monitor remote access – Identify risky VPN access
Prioritize security alerts – Assign risk ratings to various security alerts and notify security incident teams automatically as per the high priority items
Monitor data exfiltration – Spot risky session trying to exfiltrate data
Monitor email, database, and web traffic and endpoints – Identify risky email, database, endpoint and web data exfiltration attacks

Identify Targeted Attacks

SureLog stops Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks by normalizing log data with contextual information about users, threats.

DNS Attack detection:- SIEM tool detects and monitors outbound requests to malicious sites while identifying malicious activity in DNS traffic and trends. It intelligently analyzes logs with domain information from DNS servers, proxies and other log sources to pinpoint DNS attacks and issues alerts.

PowerShell attack detection:- PowerShell has been a tool of choice for conducting malware attacks. Commands are used to gather data, dump credentials, and steal information. SIEM solution detects anomalous and malicious processes including PowerShell malicious use, hidden windows processes, credential dumping, obfuscation of code, escalation of privileges, and many more.

Phishing Attack detection:- SureLog identifies suspicious email subject lines, content and attachments, which user received the phishing email, whether they responded to phishing attempt and compromised.

Zero-day attack detection:- SIEM platform provides IoCs, IP addresses, and relevant automated information pertinent to zero-day vulnerabilities so that your organization applies the patching and remediation activities in a timely manner.

Cloud and IoT Security Monitoring

SureLog extends visibility to cloud solutions and IoT platforms by collecting, normalizing and analyzing events to help detect threats.

Cloud security monitoring:- A superior visibility is paramount for organizations migrating applications to cloud environments. SureLog identifies cloud-based applications and services with auto asset detection and profiling, cloud misconfigurations, unsecured cloud data, and spots shadow IT presence to enhance the security posture of your organization’s cloud infrastructure. SureLog allows your organization to gain visibility into AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, other cloud platforms, and on-premise network traffic while protecting critical business applications and workloads in the cloud.

IoT security monitoring:- SureLog analyzes data from all IoT devices and uncovers threat patterns while monitoring activity from IoT and IIoT devices that may jeopardize the security posture and sets rules to alert the security and operation teams.

Container security monitoring:- It is crucial to secure container-based applications and orchestration tools like Kubernetes. SureLog provides visibility into containerized applications and discovers anomalous container activities, data exfiltration and compromised credentials.

Insider Threat Detection

SureLog Entity and User Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) module provide visibility into fraudulent activities from insider threats.

Insider Threat Detection:- SIEM solution comes with a UEBA module to identify user behavior that deviates from normal access patterns. It reports on privileged user activities with built-in correlation rules that include but not limited to alerting the creation, deletion or modification of user and entity accounts, groups, possible shared accounts, dormant accounts, and suspicious account creation and deletion in a short period of time.

Authentication anomaly monitoring:- SIEM tool detects abnormal authentication behavior including but not limited to successful login at unusual times, number of failed login attempts followed by successful login, successful login from different geographic location, number of failed authentications, concurrent VPN connections from a single IP address, shared account usage anomalies, credentials modified by unknown user, dormant user activity, and user access from multiple hosts or anonymous source.

Lateral movement monitoring:- Once cybercriminals gain access to a less protected asset in the network, they gradually escalate privileges and move laterally to look for sensitive information. SureLog monitors network traffic and detects suspicious network-based activity in real-time using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to trace between normal and abnormal activity.

Support Incident Response

SureLog identifies the root causes of incidents & notifies incident response teams to support forensic analysis and incident response.

Advanced Threat Intelligence:- Security operation centers are overwhelmed with sheer amounts of data and it is crucial to minimize the false positives to effectively deal with the threats. SureLog consolidates threat detection and security monitoring across multiple clouds and on-premise ecosystem and presents the threat intelligence from a single pane of glass.  SureLog analyzes and correlates across multiple data sources to identify known and unknown threats automatically to prevent attacks. SureLog combines MITRE ATT&CK framework of known adversary tactics with AI to stay current of the threats and attacks. This allows your organization to adapt and tailor MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base into your specific environments.


– Next-Generation SIEM and Log Management platform
– Out-of-box advanced correlation rules to stop attacks
– User & Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA) to spot insider threats
– Installation, integration, training and operational support
– Flexible deployment options: on-premises, cloud, hybrid, MSSP
– Built-in regulatory compliance for PCI, GDPR, NIST, ISO etc.
– Out-of-box & custom reporting for security, privacy & compliance
– Flexible integration with various IT and security tool stack
– Extensive Threat Library and Threat Exchange capabilities
– Easy to use user interface (UI) with custom drag & drop widgets
– Most cost-effective SIEM
– Pattern Recognition with machine learning and AI

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