Emvenci – Phishing Simulator & Security Awareness

Phishing Simulator & Security Awareness Platform

Emvenci Phishing Simulator is a platform that improves employee response to phishing attacks and empowers employees to provide real-time threat intelligence by immersing them in a real-world phishing experience. The solution’s customizable scenarios focus on emulating the most relevant threats and providing in-the-moment feedback and education to recipients who fall victim to these exercises. The technology provides an unmatched range of cyber attack themes, and content ad customization and delivers detailed analysis and reporting of each scenario.

1) Create/Import your phishing template
2) Import target-users
3) Schedule & Launch a campaign

Did you know that 95% of breaches happen because of human errors? 7 million fake landing pages were made in 2021 for stealing the credentials and attaching malware to the devices. Emvenci helps you to build a human defense firewall because no matter how many layers of security we add, employees are at risk.

Our Phishing Simulator improves your response to phishing attacks and provides real-time threat intelligence. Our cyber-security awareness program educates and trains users and employees with the latest attack tactics. Identify, educate, and comply with Emvenci. The platform covers NESA, SAMA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Emvenci Phishing Simulation

Phishing Simulator – Customized content and detailed analysis.

Emvenci provides an unmatched range of cyber attack themes, content, and customization, and delivers detailed analysis and reporting for each scenario. Simulator scenarios can be customized to simulate a variety of attack techniques including drive-by, malware, and social engineering attacks, as well as more advanced tactics such as conversational phishing and highly personalized spear phishing, using either email or SMS. Additionally, customers can run scenarios to benchmark their progress against other customers using the platform.

Customers can build their own scenarios or use one of the dozens of customizable pre-built templates. The library of contents covers a multitude of security topics such as phishing, security awareness, compliance, and social media. With multilingual content, Phishing Simulator addresses the diverse cultural needs of regional and global businesses.

Customizable Phishing Content:- Use customized HTML and CSS code to tailor your phishing simulations. You can recreate your internal CRM portal or build a fake e-mail sign-in page.

Phishing Training Awareness:- Informing your users about phishing is crucial to preventing security incidents. The platform offers in-house-made awareness content.

The Detailed Analytics:- Find out who or what department in your company is more prone to suffer from phishing attacks. The platform can provide you with detailed information such as the user device and location of the phishing victim.

Dedicated support:- Need help creating phishing content? Planning your subsequent phishing campaigns? Our cloud-based dedicated team is always on the lookout for the latest phishing trends.

eLearning – Security Awareness Training

Emvenci eLearning Platform is cloud-based employee performance and learning management platform that is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Available to your entire organization through our cloud-based unified security platform. This means no hardware or software to install, and you benefit from the only solution enabling eLearning, alongside Phish Simulator. You get a single, up-to-date, platform interface that’s simple and intuitive.

Dynamic Configuration of eLearning Courses:- Create highly customizable eLearning content.

Dynamic User Groups:- New target users are automatically added to the matching group. No manual management.

Content Import:- If you have your own eLearning content you can also provide it through our platform.

Questionnaires Integration:- Create evaluation questionnaires to ensure your users got a clear idea of the eLearning course.

Configure Reminders:- Send eLearning reminders to users who haven’t completed the course.

Course Certificates:- Reward your users with platform certificates and motivate them to keep up with the good work.

Emvenci Features

> Phishing Simulators – Spear Phishing, Ransomware Attachments, Smishing
> Phishing Templates – 200+ ( relevant, according to the market news and trends )
> Unlimited phishing Campaigns
> Privacy Management & Policy Management
> Gamification platform for user reports and rewards
> Comic Videos – on Real life stories, Multi-Lingual (including Arabic)
> Phish Reports and analytics
> Mobile Applications for E-learning
> Impressive Arabic Content with Audio and Subtitles
> Language select/change button
> Sleek Usability ( Netflix Style e-learning Platform )
> New Videos and content every 2 weeks
> Comic Videos – on Real life stories
> PDF (Cyber Security Awareness)
> Posters for Offices (Cyber Security Awareness)

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