VDI Monitoring Solution

VDI Monitoring made easy 

Ekran System can help you to organize VDI monitoring and user session recording in environments like VMware Horizon, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Citrix. Virtualization-ready monitoring agents and unique floating licensing make your Ekran System deployment efficient and affordable.

The solution records on-screen activity within user sessions in published applications and virtual desktops together with a wide range of meta-information: application name, active window title, visited URL, typed keystrokes, etc. A powerful set of advanced features makes Ekran System an efficient security monitoring and compliance tool enabling in-depth visibility and quick incident response.

Virtualization-ready Agents

Ekran System Workstation Client can be included in a golden image (master image) to guarantee any new VDI monitoring on such platforms as Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon.

Ekran System Server Clients can be installed on the Windows-based servers forming part of your virtual environment, such as Citrix XenApp, Microsoft RemoteApp, or VMware Horizon Apps hosts. Thus published apps monitoring can be organized using a limited number of Ekran System Server licenses corresponding to the number of hosting servers.

VDI Monitoring

Virtual Desktop Monitoring
VMWare Monitoring

Automated License Provisioning 

Unique floating licensing of Ekran System clients is automated for dynamically changing virtual desktops, thus providing VDI user monitoring with a limited and transparent cost for the VDI monitoring. When a new Windows-based desktop is created a new Ekran System Client, delivered with the golden image, registers and gets a license from the general pool. As the desktop is shut down, the license is released and returns to the pool.

Citrix Session Recording: SmartAuditor Alternative for VDI Monitoring

Ekran System can help you to organize Citrix monitoring giving much more than the in-built Citrix session recording solutions. It can serve as an efficient alternative to Citrix SmartAuditor:

More details on user activity. Ekran System VDI monitoring solution is also capable of capturing visited URLs, active window titles, typed keystrokes, and USB device connections, representing all collected data in an interactive Web-based review and analysis tool.

Built-in, real-time event alerts. After setting up custom rule-based alerts within the Ekran System Web-based Management Tool, you will get email notifications each time an alert is triggered together with the session details and embedded link to the corresponding video episode. With specific USB connection alerts, you can automatically block selective USB devices.

Advanced user activity reporting options. Ekran System gives you tools for easy log analysis, manual and automated scheduled report generation.

Easy deployment. Ekran System delivers virtual environment monitoring without any additional configuration changes on your Citrix servers.

Recording notification and recording protection. Ekran System provides not only customizable messages notifying users that their activity is recorded but also reliable protection of the recording process from unauthorized interruptions.

Universality. With Ekran System, you can perform not only Citrix XenDesktop session recording and Citrix XenApp monitoring but also cross-platform control of user activity on any Linux servers, Windows Terminal Servers, and Windows desktops forming part of your physical, virtual, or hybrid environment.

You can download details about the Citrix Monitoring solution here.

Ensure VDI monitoring with floating licenses

Ekran System uses a floating endpoint licensing approach to allow you to redistribute licenses between endpoints in a matter of minutes.

The best thing is that you only need enough Ekran System Workstation licenses to cover the number of active desktops at a given moment. Ekran automatically distributes floating licenses between dynamically changing virtual desktops. This makes the cost of VDI user monitoring transparent, and the process itself easily manageable.

To automate license provisioning, add Ekran System Client to your virtual machine master image. After that, new desktops will be created with Ekran System Client already installed on them. When a virtual desktop is launched, the client will automatically get a license from the general pool and start monitoring activity on the new endpoint. When an administrator shuts down the endpoint, the license is released and returns to the pool.

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