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Cavli IoT – An end-to-end IoT solution offering optimized efficiency enhanced productivity and reduced cost

Cavli is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabler that brings together all the building blocks of IoT value chain – Connectivity Hardware, Global Connectivity, and Device Management Platform. Cavli IoT enables any device to get connected to the internet (like meters, valves, vehicle trackers, etc.).

Cavli IoT solutions take care of the key pillars to enable connectivity for any IoT device which are :

  IoT Modules – eSIM integrated industrial-grade Connectivity and Compute Modules designed to suit almost all possible use cases in cellular IoT.
  Global Connectivity – Single secure IoT SIM with connectivity in over 180 countries. Choose your plan or create a custom local plan for your fleet to deployed devices.
  Device Management – Securely manage and control all your connected devices and data subscriptions through Cavli Hubble Platform.

Our value propositions cover all the 3 pillars :

1)  Cavli IoT design and manufacture cellular IoT Modules (we specialize in LPWAN technologies like NB-IoT and LTE-M, we also have modules that work in 4G & 2G). Our range of connectivity and compute modules covers all the IoT use cases available in the market today. Our modules come with integrated eSIM and preloaded global connectivity.

2) Cavli IoT has tie-ups with mobile operators across the globe for local cellular IoT connectivity.

3) Cavli Hubble is our device and connectivity management platform that gives full control over devices deployed anywhere in the world. Customers can create and assign custom data plans for the deployed devices and the devices can undergo remote diagnosis without manual intervention.

Cavli IOT Advantage

Cavli is the one-stop destination for building your IoT solution that will enable you to deploy your IoT projects with optimized efficiency, enhanced productivity and reduced cost.


Designed with ‘Secure IoT in mind to ensure security with our GSMA SAS certified RSP.


Deploy your IoT solution globally as quickly as possible without worrying about integrating multiple stakeholders in IoT value chain.

Comprehensive Solution

Everything you need for easy development and deployment – hardware, global connectivity & device management in one solution.

Reduced Cost & Footprint

Integrated eSIMs ensure customers have smaller footprints, reduced inventory and simplified operations.

Use Cases

Cavli IOT offers enterprise-grade IoT solutions to help your businesses achieve operational efficiencies and scale. Cavli IOT suite of solutions spans across verticals and global markets to address the most pressing challenges of today’s businesses. We offer integrated IoT solutions that can cater to the broadest range of applications and use cases across any vertical.

> Energy and Utilities (Utility Metering like Smart Water Meter, Electricity Meter, Gas Meters etc.)
> Transportation & Logistics (Vehicle Trackers, Car OBD, Cold Chain Monitoring etc.)
> Industry 4.0 (Factory automation, IIOT and security applications, gateways)
> Smart City and Micro-Mobility (Smart Parking, Smart Bins etc.)
> Agriculture (Cattle Tracking, Soil & Weather Quality Monitoring)
> Healthcare (Real time patient monitoring, hygeine monitoring)


Cavli Advantage

Cavli designs & manufactures industry-grade cellular IoT connectivity and compute modules that enable seamless cellular IoT implementation and faster product deployment of different IoT applications worldwide. All of Cavli’s Smart Modules are loaded with global cellular connectivity with the integrated eSIM feature which is powered by our GSMA certified eSIM provisioning system (RSP). This ensures that our customers get to enjoy attractive cellular data rates around the world along with hassle-free deployment and subscription management through our proprietary cloud platform – Cavli Hubble.

With our GSMA certified Connectivity as a Service platform & native connectivity hardware, we work with telecom operators around the world to facilitate global scale to IoT product makers around the world. Our proprietary stack embedded in the hardware enables it to interact with our connectivity platform monitoring several device performance parameters real-time. This layer of intelligence helps to automate several parameters related to devise performance like remote diagnosis, because of which the manual intervention required is less.

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