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How protected are you against data theft from hackers and ransomware attacks? 

ITsMine webinar on protecting data, everywhere

Instead of waiting for ransom demand to start an investigation against the clock, for the new Ransomware attacks (attacks that involve data leakage followed by encryption) ITsMine is the ONLY platform that provides a REAL-TIME alert once an attacker opens or uses a file they weren’t supposed to have.  The system offers a FULL list of the leaked files and enables you to immediately KILL critical files, even if they are far beyond the company boundaries.

Key features:

  1. Easy implementation – AGENTLESS.
  2. Automatic reaction for Internal and External threats – using deception technique with our unique SoftwareMines™ technology – NO additional headcount is needed.
  3. Virtual Vault on demand – any folder turns into the most secured folder, whether on-premise or in the cloud – using File-GPS™ and TimeBomb™ – protects files everywhere, even BEYOND company boundaries.

Protect your files, anywhere

ITsMine allows you to always be in full control of your sensitive files by allowing you to create multiple ‘Virtual Vaults‘ within your central file storage system – including OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, NetApp, and any Windows/Linux file storage – with just a few clicks. Any folder can instantly be transformed into the safest digital space within your Organization within which every file is protected end-to-end, even beyond company boundaries.

> No painful installations​
> Proactively prevent breaches
> No classifications needed
> Control your data everywhere
> Empower employees
> Easy regulatory compliance

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