TruGrid Disk Encryption

Easy & Cost-effective Management of BitLocker Disk Encryption

TruGrid Disk Encryption Management allows companies to enforce and manage BitLocker encryption on Windows computers.

TruGrid Disk Encryption is the most effective way to secure data on the stolen or lost computer. TruGrid Disk Encryption Management offers the simplest way to manage and enforce BitLocker for organizations of any size, on computers with or without TPM chip. It works on a SaaS model where customers can pay on a quarterly basis.

Once the TruGrid Device Management Agent is installed on a Windows computer, IT Admins can immediately begin to manage BitLocker from a centralized dashboard. Organizations can enforce BitLocker disk encryption, manage recovery keys, and run compliance reports, on computers with or without TPM chip.

TruGrid BitLocker Encryption Management allows companies to enforce and manage BitLocker encryption on Windows computers. Here are some of the ways that organizations use TruGrid Bitlocker Encryption Management:

  • Secure Windows PC & laptop data from theft or loss
  • Encrypt Windows computers with and without TPM chips
  • Encrypt no-TPM computer disks with preboot password (no USB needed)
  • Meet HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance needs with disk encryption
  • Implement encryption without the need for GPO or scripting
  • Enforce encryption for non-domain joined computers
  • Enforce encryption regardless of computer location
  • Secure company data for employees who travel for work
  • Maintain company reputation with increased data privacy and security
TruGrid Disk Encryption

Why TruGrid Disk Encryption Management?

  • It can be implemented in minutes
  • It works on computers with or without TPM chip
  • It does not require external USB for computers without TPM chip
  • It does not require that Windows computers belong to an Active Directory domain
  • It does not require the Windows Group Policy (GPO)
  • It does not require any scripting
  • It can manage Windows computers anywhere (on the network, home, on the road)

Ways customers use TruGrid BitLocker Disk Encryption software

Securing Windows Computer Data from Loss or Theft 

> Organizations with sensitive data are securing all company data on employee laptops
> Organizations are securing competitive company data on Sales people’s laptops
> Lawyers are securing sensitive client data from theft or compromise
> Insurance Agents, Accountants, and Finance Professionals are securing client data from theft
> Doctors and healthcare organizations are securing patient record from theft and compromise
> Companies with employees that work in the field or travel for work are using TruGrid to secure company data
> Companies with computers without TPM chips are now able to effectively manage BitLocker Encryption

Meeting HIPAA and other Regulatory Compliance with Disk Encryption

> Organizations that must meet regulatory compliance related to data privacy and security use TruGrid
> Organizations use TruGrid Reports to prove compliance in order to avoid penalties from regulatory agencies
> Organizations are using TruGrid to ensure that end users cannot disable BitLocker disk encryption

IT Admins are securing access to cloud and datacenter systems

> IT Admins connect to hosted computers with TruGrid and its integrated MFA
> IT Admins manage VMs in Azure and AWS without exposing RDP on firewalls
> IT Admins use TruGrid SecureRDP for granular vendor access to secure systems

Replacing Windows Group Policy for BitLocker Disk Encryption Management 

> Companies are avoiding Group Policy complexity and using TruGrid to enforce BitLocker disk encryption
> Organizations are replacing Microsoft MBAM with TruGrid due to MBAM complexity and requirements

Securing Computers of Service Providers and Technicians from Loss or Theft 

> MSPs use TruGrid to encrypt technician computers in order to protect company data
> MSPs protect their reputation by using TruGrid BitLocker Encryption secure customer data
> MSPs are adding TruGrid to their service portfolio in order to provide additional value to their customers
> MSPs use TruGrid multi-tenant console to manage BitLocker Encryption for several customers
> MSPs increase service offerings with valuable security management to generate additional revenue

MBAM & TruGrid for Disk Encryption Management

The Microsoft product called MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring) can be used to manage BitLocker within the enterprise. Below are suggestions for the implementation of MBAM and how it compares to implementation with TruGrid.

MBAM requires licensed versions of MS SQL Server Standard or above (see database server requirements here). TruGrid does not require any additional infrastructure to be implemented or supported by the company. MBAM requires machines to be joined to AD (Active Directory); MBAM does not support non-AD joined machines. TruGrid supports both AD and non-AD joined machines.

MBAM requires enterprise-level planning, preparation, and deployment of new infrastructure and configurations. MBAM requires weeks for implementation. TruGrid can be deployed immediately to machines without any additional infrastructure. MSI packages are automatically generated and can be directly or mass installed onto machines. MBAM requires that machines connect to AD to be enforced with MBAM related Group Policies. TruGrid does not require machines to check into AD to be enforced. TruGrid also does not require machines to check into AD in order to accurately report on them within compliance reports.

To enable geo-redundancy and failover, MBAM would require SQL Clusters and load-balanced IIS servers. TruGrid provides all of this with scalable cloud services and no additional infrastructure on-premise.

MBAM requires an MBAM specific client to be installed onto each machine that is to be managed via MBAM. TruGrid also requires a client and the MSI file takes under 30 seconds to install and has auto-update technology built into it.

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MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring) & TruGrid:

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